Billy Hector



 “Old School Thang”,  "Billy Hector is one of those iconic players that has been an inspiration to others. His versatility and overall chops are incredible, and “Old School Thang” owes as much to his future as it does his past!" …Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

"The latest album, Old School Thang from Billy Hector is slathered in blues and quite the listen. Hector dishes out his songs in a variety of formats, ranging from traditional and swampy, to trans-blues. Every song on Old School Thang is a winner. This album comes highly recommended." Philly Cheeze Blues

"Over the years Hector has written and composed many tunes with 14 albums released primarily on the independent Ghetto Surf label, with his latest titled Old School Thang. His live performances have been labeled as "one of the best shows you'll ever see." Old School Thang opens, in my opinion, with one of hottest songs on the album. An all-star horn section with Tommy Labella on sax, Steve Jankowski on trumpet and trombone, David Nunez on organ, and the superb rhythm section with Tim Tindall on bass and Sim Cain on drums, blended with Billy's tantalizing, red hot guitar riffs and vocals make "She's Gone" explosive! Hector tears it up with the Don Nix classic "Goin' Down," with the keys and horn and rhythm sections arranged to perfection, yet not overpowering Billy's fiery guitar solos. The title track "Old School Thang" screams with funk and rock 'n' roll guitar solos, fused with tight basslines from Wilson Roye and thundering drum solos by Sim Cain. Micky Melchiondo and Hector jam together on guitar for some creative Southern swamp blues on the original tune "Fake ID." Billy slides up and down the fretboard with ease on this tune and the next. Along with a powerful horn arrangement setting the pace on "Vitamin Big Daddy," Billy pumps in stirring slide guitar solos as he rides the wah petal like a NASCAR ace on the accelerator. "Come On Home" combines Delta slide guitar with Zydeco and harp solos provided by Ken Sorensen. Billy's gritty vocals are perfect match for his roadhouse style guitar on "Evil, Slick 'N Sly," an original tune as frightening as Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You." You can almost hear Albert Collins on guitar as you listen to the funky song "Hammer" written by Hector. "Rita," is haunting, spirited ballad about a vamp who is "three steps from nowhere, just a step from me," with backing vocals from Suzan Lastovica and Joshua Mark. "Short and Sweet Blues," is a straight, down home blues instrumental, that will remind you of the guitar style of the late great guitar slinger SRV. To complete this sensational album, funky guitar once again sets the stage on "People Of The World," bringing in the alto sax of Mel Taylor to complement this extraordinarily tight band.

After listening to this album, you will be compelled to attend a live Billy Hector concert just to experience a jazz, blues, and funk band with the level of excellence like The Billy Hector Band." Rick Davis, Crossroads Blues Society


  She’s Gone is a story of heartbreak, sugar coated by a sumptuous layering of fierce blues guitar and horns on a bedrock Latin groove. “Goin’ Down” is Billy Hector’s tribute to Freddie King’s interpretation of the   Don Nix iconic  tune with horns and piano.Old School Thang , a funktified fan favorite, showcases the expertise and high level of musianship the Billy Hector power trio delivers every night it performs.  Fake I.D is a sly and humorous ode to taking life as it comes and letting the chips fall where they may. This track also features Billy’s signature killer slide guitar work with a sparkling assist from Mickey Melchiondo on guitar. Vitamin Big Daddy is a healthy dose of bawdy horn driven blues that meets or exceeds the recommended daily intake of musical nutrients.  Just what the doctor ordered. “Come On Home” is an infectious slide driven groove accented with the harp stylings of Ken Sorensen."Evil, Slick ‘n Sly, is a slow grinder with a sexy groove that conjures up the pitfalls of amorous relationships.“Hammer” grabs you in with it’s funky foot tapping intro. If your love needs fixing,  Hector’s Albert Collins-esque guitar work gets the job done. Rita is a rowdy old time barroom blues in the tradition of St. James Infirmary that tells the tragic tale of a fading barfly.  “Short and Sweet Blues” is just that. Two and three quarter’s minutes of slow blues bliss. “People of the World” is a funk-drenched plea for peace on earth featuring a soulful sax solo by Stax recording artist Mel Taylor.





Billy Hector: Old School Thang


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The Fire Within - 4 song EP CD


New Jersey Blues Legend BILLY HECTOR releases “The Fire Within” ,  featuring three new Hector original singles . 

"In the realm of local guitar heroes, there are few players who can touch the Fender-scorched majesty of Billy Hector. And Hector's latest release, "The Fire Within," may be only four songs long, but he makes every incendiary note count.

Hector is in top form here. The hard-rocking single "Fake I.D." features both fine slide work from Hector and guest guitar duties from Mickey Melchiondo, also known as Dean Ween. And how Jersey is Hector, you ask? This track gives a shout-out to pork roll and cheese, as well as some other less savory vices.

The baroque rocker "Broken Down" shimmers with wounded light, "Step it Up" is a party rocker through and through, and the disc-closing cover of the Rolling Stones' "Memory Motel" has a bittersweet, closing time feel that ends the record on just the right note.

Throughout, Hector is joined by plenty of ace players: along with Melchiondo, there's Bon Jovi guitarist Bobby Bandiera on "Step it Up," singer Suzan Lastovica on backing vocals and Ween and Rollins Band drummer Sim Cain." (Alex Biese, Asbury Park Press)


  Fake I.D  Sim Cain, Drums; Tim Tindall Bass, Mickey Melchiondo, guitar, Suzan Lastovica, Backing Vocal  

  Broken Down  Sim Cain, Drums; Tim Tindall, Bass; Suzan Lastovica, Backing Vocal; Dave Rimelis, violin; Arne Wendt, Harpsichord

  Step It Up   Sim Cain, Drums; Tim Tindall, Bass; Bob Bandiera, Guitar, Steve Jankowski, Trumpet, Trombone; Tom LaBella, Saxophone; Glenn McClelland.

  Memory Motel  Sim Cain, Drums; Tony Tino, Bass; Suzan Lastovica, Backing Vocals; Glenn McClelland, Piano.

Traveler - CD






1. PollyAnne  2. Traveler
3. Never Let You Down  4. Candy
5. Last Train Home  6. Midnight Buddha
7. Wild Heart  8. Wasted
9. Overloaded  10. Blacklight
11. Moonlight in her Eyes  12. From our Sponsor
13. Treat Your Daddy Right  14. Play So Rough

Billy Hector - All guitars, lead vocals   Suzan Lastovica - Lead and backing vocals
Winston Roye, Fred Saunders, Tim Tindall - Bass
Sim Cain, Dan Hickey, Rich Monica - Drums 
Jack Casual - keys, bass   Ken Sorensen - Harmonica
Tom LaBella - Saxophone   Pete Maurer- Trombone                                                               

iTunes - Traveler

Traveler - Billy Hector Band

Hard Rockin' Blues - CD

CD coverHard Rockin’ Blues, is a live recording featuring four Hector/Lastovica penned tunes and eight of Hector’s favorite blues covers reflecting the blues tradition that marks Hector’s spirit and influence.

Billy Hector on guitar and vocals; Tim Tindall on bass guitar; Sim Cain on drums with the exception of Track 2 which features Fred Saunders on bass and Rich Monica on drums. Suzan L. on Track 12 vocal. 

1. Take Your Hands Out of My Pocket (Spann)  2. Back it Up (Hector/Lastovica)
3. Evil, Slick ‘n’ Sly (Hector/Lastovica)  4. Come On Home (Hector/Lastovica)
5. Santa’s Blues (Hector)  6. Diamonds at Her Feet (Morganfield)
7. I Can’t Hold Out (James)  8. Stealin’ (Traditional)  9. That’s Alright (Taylor)
10. Goin’ Away Baby (Rogers)  11. Just to Be With You (Roth)
                12. That’s Alright (Rogers) 

Live and Kickin' - DVD

CD cover With the release of his 2005 DVD, Live and Kickin’, Billy Hector continues his tradition of excellence and  gives viewers a first-hand personal look into his skill, showmanship and music. Filmed at a variety of  venues, the footage from Live and Kickin’ nicely covers the extensive range of Billy Hector’s musical  moods and intentions. Filmed by George McMorrow from Cinecall Soundtracks in Red Bank, NJ and  recorded by Troy Topinka, the overall running time of the DVD is 75
 minutes and includes the power of a Billy Hector concert show as well as several more intimate club  performances.

1. Hammer (Hector/Lastovica)  2. Howlin' For My Baby (Burnett)
3. Big Legs, Tight Skirt (Hooker)
4. Old School Thang (Hector/Lastovica)
5. I Can Tell (McDaniel)
6. Hey Joe (Roberts)
7. Butt Naked (Hector)
8. Fairlane Train (Hector)
9. Tore Up (Turner)
10. Buckets of Rain (Dylan)
11. Radio of Fear (Hector/Lastovica)  12. Honey Do (Hector/Lastovica)

Out of Order - CD

CD coverThe album was recorded at the legendary Stone Pony rock club in Asbury Park, New Jersey on Nov. 2, 2001 and Nov. 23, 2002.Backing Hector during these performances are Winston Roye (bass), Rich Monica (drums) and the Midnight Horns; Tommy LaBella (saxophone), John Berry (trumpet) and Pete Maurer (trombone). All guitars and Lead Vocals performed by Billy Hector.


1. Hammer (Hector/Lastovica)   2. Howlin' for My Baby (Burnett) 
3. Daddy Rollin' Stone (Blackwell)  4. Whiskey (Hector/Lastovica)
5. Old School Thang (Hector/Lastovica)  6. Busted (Hector/Lastovica)
7. Memphis Train (Thomas)  8. Big Legs, Tight Skirt (Hooker)
9. Patricia (Hector)  10. Stop Doggin' Me 'Round (Hector/Lastovica)
11. Dealin with the Devil (Hector/Lastovica)  12. Billy's Blues (video) (Hector)

Hard to Please - CD

CD coverAll songs written by Billy Hector Hector and Suzan Lastovica

1. Hard to Please     2. There She Goes
3. Cruise on Down    4. Evaleen
5. Vagabond    6. The Creeper
7. Whiskey    8. Cruel Cruel World
9. Sally Said    10. Dance, Dance, Dance
11. Lucky Charm    12. Hammer
13. Just Why  

Billy Hector – All guitars, Lead vocals, Bass on “Cruel, Cruel World”, “Dance Dance Dance”, Cowbell on “Vagabond”.

- Larry Crockett – Drums, Backing vocal on “There She Goes”.
- Winston Roye – Bass (except tracks 6, 8, 10 and 13)
- Tim Tindall – Bass on “The Creeper”, “Just Why”
- Suzan Lastovica – Lead vocal on “There She Goes” and “Just Why”; backing vocal on “Dance Dance Dance”.
- Ken Sorensen – Harmonica on “Hard to Please” and “Dance Dance Dance”
- Glenn McClelland – Keyboards
- Tom DeFaria – Moraccas and Egg on “Evaleen”; tambourine on “Hard to Please”
- Eric Clark – Udu on “Cruise on Down”
- David Nunez – Accordian on “Dance Dance Dance”

Undertow - CD

CD cover Undertow is fourteen original songs written by Billy Hector and longtime collaborator Suzan Lastovica. The first six songs were recorded live at Jason’s Jazz and Blues Nightclub in So. Belmar, NJ with Hector’s Acoustic Armada, featuring Billy on acoustic guitar, Tim Tindall on stand-up bass, Ken Sorensen on harmonica and Eric Clark on snare drum. The remaining eight songs were recorded at BustaHump Acres studio with varied rhythm sections. 

       All songs written by W. Hector/S. Lastovica

1. Clapper and the Bell    2. Fix Me Babe
3. Gotta Learn to Work It    4. One More Good Time
5. Traveler    6. Feed the Meters
7. The Next Train    8. I Don't Care
9. Shame the Devil    10. Only You
11. Broke Down Ragged Ford    12. Woman Like You
13. Let's Get Lucky    14. William's Lullabye

Duct Tape Life - CD


CD cover

 Call it Rock 'n' Blues. Call it power blues. Call it Billy Hector's sound. It's honest. It's powerful. It's  graceful. It's all over the CD, Duct Tape Life, so named because it aptly captures the daily traumas and  passions of a guitarist and the fans he sings for, those who count on music like this to bridge the gap  between dreams and reality. From “Dealin’ with the Devil”

 “Judge got oath and duty, white collar crime got the cash 
 If a poor boy just sneezes they throw away the keys and Justice goes out with the trash".

1. Doggin' Me Round (Hector/Lastovica)
2. Back Door Man (Dixon)
3. Dealin With The Devil (Hector/Lastovica)
4. Big Boy Now (Hector/Lastovica)   5. Twisted (Hector/Lastovica)
6. Radio of Fear (Hector/Lastovica)   7. Shake 'em on Down (Burnside)
8. I Wish You Would (Arnold)   9. Test of Time (Hector/Lastovica)
10. I Remember Every Night (Hector/Lastovica)   11. Pictures of Rome (Hector/Lastovica)

Cold Wind - CD

CD coverCOLD WIND by Billy Hector and the Fairlanes, the band that continued on after the original Fairlanes disbanded with the bandwagon being led by Billy Hector, Suzan Lastovica and Billy Lilley. Various rhythm sections appear on the tracks.

- Billy Hector: Guitars and vocals
- Suzan Lastovica: vocals
- Bill Lilley: Harmonica, vocal

ALL songs written by Billy Hector and Suzan Lastovica, with the exception of (*) Nadine (which was written by Chuck Berry.)

1. Long Row To Hoe    2. Slow Burn
3. Cold Wind    4. Where You Gonna Run To?
5. I Can Give You Everything    6. Can't Get Enough
7. At Midnight    8. Nadine*
9. Down "D", Dirty "D"    10. The Name Of Your Game
11. Change Your Mind    12. Where'd You Stay Last Night

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The Fire Within - Download MP3s

The Fire Within Downloads

Guitar Pin - Workin' Hard for ya

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CHOICE CUTS - The first best-of collection

Billy's first retrospective collection of original recordings spanning 27 years! The 15 original tracks on "Choice Cuts" were chosen by fans. The BONUS track features a new Hector original (Callin' on Love) to be included in his upcoming CD due out later this year. The one cover on the 77 minute CD is Billy's version of the Rolling Stones' Stray Cat.                                                                                             

1. Someday Baby   2. Come on Home   3. Stop Doggin' Me 'round   4. Hard to Please   5. Wild Heart   6. Sally Said   7. Big Boy Now   8. Old School Thang (live)  9. I Remember Every Night   10. Moonlight in Her Eyes   11. PollyAnne   12. Stray Cat   13. Cold Wind   14. Dealin' With the Devil   15. Hit the Road   16. Callin' on Love (previously unreleased Bonus Track)


 Read Alex Biese's review (Asbury Park Press) here: Fierce and Fiery


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Asbury Music Hall Series at the Saint 2.19.18

2 ticket max per person