Billy Hector

Hard Rockin' Blues - CD

CD coverHard Rockin’ Blues, is a live recording featuring four Hector/Lastovica penned tunes and eight of Hector’s favorite blues covers reflecting the blues tradition that marks Hector’s spirit and influence.

Billy Hector on guitar and vocals; Tim Tindall on bass guitar; Sim Cain on drums with the exception of Track 2 which features Fred Saunders on bass and Rich Monica on drums. Suzan L. on Track 12 vocal. 

1. Take Your Hands Out of My Pocket (Spann)  2. Back it Up (Hector/Lastovica)
3. Evil, Slick ‘n’ Sly (Hector/Lastovica)  4. Come On Home (Hector/Lastovica)
5. Santa’s Blues (Hector)  6. Diamonds at Her Feet (Morganfield)
7. I Can’t Hold Out (James)  8. Stealin’ (Traditional)  9. That’s Alright (Taylor)
10. Goin’ Away Baby (Rogers)  11. Just to Be With You (Roth)
                12. That’s Alright (Rogers)