Billy Hector

Live and Kickin' - DVD

CD cover With the release of his 2005 DVD, Live and Kickin’, Billy Hector continues his tradition of excellence and  gives viewers a first-hand personal look into his skill, showmanship and music. Filmed at a variety of  venues, the footage from Live and Kickin’ nicely covers the extensive range of Billy Hector’s musical  moods and intentions. Filmed by George McMorrow from Cinecall Soundtracks in Red Bank, NJ and  recorded by Troy Topinka, the overall running time of the DVD is 75
 minutes and includes the power of a Billy Hector concert show as well as several more intimate club  performances.

1. Hammer (Hector/Lastovica)  2. Howlin' For My Baby (Burnett)
3. Big Legs, Tight Skirt (Hooker)
4. Old School Thang (Hector/Lastovica)
5. I Can Tell (McDaniel)
6. Hey Joe (Roberts)
7. Butt Naked (Hector)
8. Fairlane Train (Hector)
9. Tore Up (Turner)
10. Buckets of Rain (Dylan)
11. Radio of Fear (Hector/Lastovica)  12. Honey Do (Hector/Lastovica)