Billy Hector

The Fire Within - 4 song EP CD


New Jersey Blues Legend BILLY HECTOR releases “The Fire Within” ,  featuring three new Hector original singles . 

"In the realm of local guitar heroes, there are few players who can touch the Fender-scorched majesty of Billy Hector. And Hector's latest release, "The Fire Within," may be only four songs long, but he makes every incendiary note count.

Hector is in top form here. The hard-rocking single "Fake I.D." features both fine slide work from Hector and guest guitar duties from Mickey Melchiondo, also known as Dean Ween. And how Jersey is Hector, you ask? This track gives a shout-out to pork roll and cheese, as well as some other less savory vices.

The baroque rocker "Broken Down" shimmers with wounded light, "Step it Up" is a party rocker through and through, and the disc-closing cover of the Rolling Stones' "Memory Motel" has a bittersweet, closing time feel that ends the record on just the right note.

Throughout, Hector is joined by plenty of ace players: along with Melchiondo, there's Bon Jovi guitarist Bobby Bandiera on "Step it Up," singer Suzan Lastovica on backing vocals and Ween and Rollins Band drummer Sim Cain." (Alex Biese, Asbury Park Press)


  Fake I.D  Sim Cain, Drums; Tim Tindall Bass, Mickey Melchiondo, guitar, Suzan Lastovica, Backing Vocal  

  Broken Down  Sim Cain, Drums; Tim Tindall, Bass; Suzan Lastovica, Backing Vocal; Dave Rimelis, violin; Arne Wendt, Harpsichord

  Step It Up   Sim Cain, Drums; Tim Tindall, Bass; Bob Bandiera, Guitar, Steve Jankowski, Trumpet, Trombone; Tom LaBella, Saxophone; Glenn McClelland.

  Memory Motel  Sim Cain, Drums; Tony Tino, Bass; Suzan Lastovica, Backing Vocals; Glenn McClelland, Piano.